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Wowza Announce New Lower Cost Clearcaster 1080

Wowza have released a new entry-level Clearcaster Facebook Live Streaming Appliance

The new Entry level ClearCaster 1080 streams broadcast Quality 1080 video directly to FaceBook live. Directly interfacing with FaceBook, the Clearcaster ensures a robust and reliable stream of your broadcast. The unit auto-configure optimal settings for your conditions and requirements, them monitors the health of your broadcast throughout, adjusting settings on the fly to ensure uptime and quality.

This new model is only capable of HD but offers a lower point of entry for broadcast quality Facebook Streaming. A Clearcaster 4K will be available soon with 4K and 4K 360 streaming plus a free subscription to Wowza Streaming Cloud for simulcast. Both models feature a talent view, giving the on-camera personalities ability to see a camera view or live comments from followers.

Talent View functionality gives on-camera personalities the ability to see a camera view or the live comments from their followers. An integrated countdown clock cues the exact moment you go live, so any awkward pauses are eliminated from your broadcast.

Quality and Reliability

The Wowza ClearCaster auto-configures the optimal settings for your conditions and use case. The appliance monitors real-time stream health, and automatically adjusts stream settings to ensure uptime and quality.

ClearCaster allows you to stream in 1080p30— up to 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition), when supported. ClearCaster easily connects to cameras, editing bays and live production studios to deliver programming directly to Facebook, without requiring changes to existing broadcast workflows.

Users can start and stop streams through the Facebook Live user interface, and can control the device through the Wowza web app to easily manage streaming and monitor success from any location.

Connect With Facebook Live in Seconds

The ClearCaster platform offers innovative and differentiated ways to engage with new and existing audiences on Facebook, including:

The ability to see Live Reactions from followers, so you can react to them in real time and tailor your content on the fly.

  • Talent View functionality, allowing on-camera personalities to see exactly what their followers see.
  • An integrated countdown clock that cues the exact moment your stream goes live, eliminating awkward pauses for you and your viewers.

As a single, rack-mountable appliance, ClearCaster makes it easy to connect an editing system or live feed to the internet, and immediately authenticate to publish on Facebook Live. ClearCaster includes inputs for SDI and HDMI connections to easily deliver directly from HD cameras and other professional equipment.

Broadcasting to the Enhanced Facebook Live API

The ClearCaster appliance is purpose-built to integrate seamlessly with Facebook Live’s enhanced API, enabling auto-configuration and real-time stream health monitoring through your Facebook account. Since ClearCaster directly connects to Facebook Live’s API, you’ll always have the latest functionality.

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