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Hardware embedding and de-embedding of HDMI and SDI signals are crucial techniques in professional video and broadcasting industries. These processes involve integrating and extracting audio and other data streams within HDMI and SDI  signals, utilizing specialized hardware devices to manage these tasks efficiently.

HDMI Embedding and De-embedding: HDMI embedding hardware typically integrates audio or other data types directly into the HDMI stream, allowing for seamless delivery of video and audio through home theater systems, televisions, and other AV equipment. HDMI de-embedders extract audio or other data from HDMI signals, which is essential for applications like audio editing and monitoring where audio needs to be processed separately from the video.

SDI Embedding and De-embedding: SDI embedders are used to insert multiple audio channels and other data into SDI video streams, facilitating synchronized outputs that are vital for live broadcasts and professional video production. SDI de-embedders perform the critical role of extracting these audio channels and data from SDI feeds for isolated processing and manipulation, such as sound mixing, correction, or distribution in different formats.