Pro Video PTZ Cameras

With a Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera you are able to control the movement and position of the lens from a remote location using a remote controller, joystick-controller, browser or software application like vmix, wirecast or obs. Panning refers to horizontal movement of the lens where tilting describes vertical movement.

PTZ cameras are commonly found in settings such as lecture halls, webcasting, event studios and houses of worship. PTZ cameras are also a great option for live events in venues where cameras can be permanently installed or where mounting spots are available.

As IP-based video networks are becoming easier to set up and manage, NDI PTZ cameras can help cut down on equipment, cabling and complexity of your video environment. NDI stands for “Network Device Interface,” which represents a proprietary set of tools and protocols created by NewTek, that facilitate the transmission of high-resolution video over a fast, low-latency network.

NDI is ideal for transporting high-resolution video with low latency, which means you don’t drop any frames or lose any quality in the transmission between devices. It’s designed to work over Gigabit Ethernet networks to allow up to 4K resolution video to transport with little to no latency, and it is very easily integrated with software control applications like vMix and Internet broadcasting.

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