Blackmagic Design ATEM Micro Panel, Live Stream Switcher

The Blackmagic ATEM Micro Panel is a low cost control panel designed to work with ATEM Software Control. Includes buttons for program and preview, keyers, transitions, macros and fader control. Connects via Bluetooth or USB-C.

  • Works with ATEM Software Control
  • Physical switcher
  • Connects via Bluetooth, USB-C
  • 2 x 10 Input Buttons for Program/Preview


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Blackmagic Design ATEM Micro Panel, Live Stream Switcher

The Blackmagic Design ATEM Micro Panel turns ATEM software control interface into a physical switcher. The panel is designed to emulate the exact layout of the software with two rows of ten input buttons for both preview and program, transition controls, a macro key, and an onboard fader. This allows you to facilitate both manual and automatic control over your broadcast.

High-quality backlit buttons and a low-profile manual transition fader emulate the design of the larger ATEM Advanced Panels. The Micro Panel features a USB-C port to connect to your personal computer with ATEM Software Control. You can even wirelessly connect using the internal Bluetooth 5.1 LE signal. A large internal battery keeps the panel going for long production days and can be turned on and off with an onboard switch.


  • Works with ATEM Software Control
  • Physical Switcher
  • Connects via Bluetooth, USB
  • 2 x 10 Input Buttons for Program/Preview
  • Transition Control, Fader
  • Macro Key
  • 1 mix effect row
  • 10 direct cross-points
  • 20 shifted cross-points
  • 1 preview transition
  • 4 M/E select buttons
  • 4 upstream key buttons
  • 2 downstream key buttons
  • 1 transition slider
  • CUT and AUTO switching-type buttons
  • DIP, DVE, STINGER, MIX, and WIPE transition-type buttons


Model ATEM Micro Panel
Controls 50x Pre-Labeled Key
OS Compatibility macOS 13.0 to 14.0
Windows 10 to 11
Product Specifications
USB I/O 1x USB-C Female Input (System Connection)
Power Source Internal battery with power switch. USB-C port for external power supply and battery charging
Operating Temperature 5 to 40°C
Dimensions 341 x 13.59 x 4.14 cm
Weight 1.05 kg
Number of Mix Effects Rows 1
Preview Transition 1
Upstream Key Buttons 4 with ON/OFF
Direct Cross Points 10
Switching Type Buttons CUT and AUTO
Downstream Key Buttons 2 with ON/OFF
Shifted Cross Points 20
Transition Type Buttons DIP, DVE, STINGER, MIX, WIPE
Transition Slider 1
Crosspoint Button Type Tri-Color LED
M/E Select Buttons 4
Software Applications ATEM Micro Panel controls ATEM Software Control Panel running on the host computer


  • Blackmagic Design ATEM Micro Panel







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