Epiphan Pearl Mini

The Epiphan Pearl Mini Live Video Production System lets you switch, record, and stream up to two HD video inputs. This touchscreen-operated device will fit right into classrooms, lecture halls, houses of worship, or any other situation that requires simple switching operations with the capacity to record and stream content live.

  • 2-Input Video Production System with Touchscreen
  • NDI|HX, SDI and HDMI Inputs
  • Stream Live over Ethernet


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Epiphan ESP1441 Pearl Mini Live Video Production System

The Epiphan Pearl Mini Encoder and Live Video Production System lets you switch, record, and stream up to two HD video inputs. This touchscreen-operated device will fit right into classrooms, lecture halls, houses of worship, or any other situation that requires simple switching operations with the capacity to record and stream content live.

On the rear panel, SDI and HDMI inputs are available for cameras, playback devices, and computers; no scaling or scan-conversion is necessary. For audio, combo jacks support XLR microphones and 1/4″ TRS connections. 3.5mm microphone and stereo RCA line inputs are available as well. An HDMI output can be used to monitor any video input or the switched program.

Built-in, hardware-accelerated encoding happens in real time for streaming and recording. A choice of formats is available to match your workflow for streaming to popular CDNs or recording to an SD card. After recording to the card, you have the option of copying the recording to an attached USB drive.

Custom Layout Designer

Design your own custom layouts, including picture-in-picture and image overlays, using the drag-and-drop editor in Pearl Mini’s web-based Admin panel. Combine, crop, and scale up to two HD video sources. Add overlay images, text, timestamping, and more.

Professional Audio Connections

Use the mic-level XLR and 3.5mm inputs, or line-level TRS and RCA inputs. Built-in attenuation and gain adjustment are available for fine-tuning your sound.

Stream securely

Use SRT end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, HLS over HTTPS, or RTMPS for secure content streaming.

Simultaneously stream live to YouTube, Facebook or any other content delivery network or content management system. At the same time, use the built-in streaming server to stream locally to web browsers, smart TVs, and set-top boxes.

Simplify your space with NDI|HX

Add broadcast-quality, low-latency video to Pearl Mini from any NDI|HX-enabled camera connected to your local network.

Switch Video Sources Live

Using the touchscreen, switch between connected video sources with ease. Alternatively, use the web-based Epiphan Live to do switching from your phone or tablet.

Record 1080p Full HD Programming

The Pearl Mini’s hardware-accelerated encoder provides real-time H.264 encoding for maximum performance. Record as produced program out or as individual ISOs.

Local Video Output

Send your content to front-of-house or to a larger confidence monitor with Pearl Mini’s HDMI video output. This output can be configured to mirror any input or show the switched program output.

Web-Based Monitoring and Admin

Using Epiphan Live, you can monitor video sources and control live switching with a compatible touchscreen device. As long as your device is connected to the same local network, you can maintain control over your program while away from the Pearl Mini.

Networked and Removable Storage

An SD card slot on the front panel allows for quick handoffs of recorded footage. You can also configure automatic file transfer to a connected USB drive or to a network drive using SFTP, FTP, RSYNC, SCP, or CIFS.

One-Touch Operation

The simplified touchscreen interface is intuitive, and can be set up to start streaming or recording with one touch. This function can come in handy if inexperienced volunteers are required to operate video equipment.


  • 2-Input Video Production System
  • SD, HD, and Computer Signal Compatible
  • SDI and HDMI Inputs
  • Add broadcast-quality, low-latency video from any NDI|HX-enabled camera
  • Combo Jack Inputs for Mic/Line Audio
  • Built-In Touchscreen Monitor
  • HDMI Confidence Monitor/Multiview Output
  • Stream Live over Ethernet
  • 2-Channel Picture-in-Picture
  • Built-In Hardware-Accelerated Encoding
  • Record Video to SD Cards


Video inputs 3G SDI
HDMI™ 1.4a2
USB 3.0 (UVC)3 – rear panel
Video over Ethernet RTSP
SRT (push)
Audio inputs Connectors: Mic-level: 2 × XLR, 1 × 3.5mm Line-level: 1 × stereo RCA, 1 × stereo TRS
Input level max: 26 dBu
Video outputs On-board touch screen and 1 × HDMI for video output
Video switching During live streaming and recording via the touch screen or web UI
Video encoding Codecs: H.264, MPEG-4, Motion JPEG
Bitrate: 1 to 50 Mb/s
Color resolution: 4:2:0
Resolution: User selectable up to 1920 × 1200
Encoded programs 2 simultaneous 1080p programs at 30 fps (with up to 2 Full HD sources)
Audio encoding MP3, PCM, and AAC (sampling 16 to 48 kHz with bitrate up to 320 kbps)
Network 1 × 10/100/1000 Ethernet port (RJ45)
Storage Local SD card: Up to 512 GB (user supplied)
Local USB: Automatic or manual copy via 3 USB 3.0 ports
Network storage: FTP, SFTP, SCP, RSYNC, CIFS, AWS, or WebDav servers
Recording formats AVI, MP4, MOV, or MPEG-TS
Control Web Admin panel, Epiphan Live portal, touch screen, comprehensive HTTP, and RS-232 APIs
Dimensions ( W × D × H ) 261 mm x 172 mm x 60 mm, 1.7 kg


  • Epiphan Pearl Mini Live Video Production System
  • Power Supply with Cable



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