NDI 6: Revolutionizing Broadcast and Content Creation with HDR and Enhanced WAN Connectivity

NDI, the leading video-over-IP connectivity standard, has launched NDI 6, marking a significant advancement in the world of broadcasting and content creation.

This latest update introduces native HDR (High Dynamic Range) support and extends WAN (Wide Area Network) connectivity to hardware, setting a new standard for visual quality and streamlining remote production processes.

HDR Support for Superior Quality
NDI 6 now offers 10+ bit HDR support, addressing the increasing demand for higher quality visuals among users. As Nick Mariette, Director of Product Management at NDI, emphasizes, the development of NDI 6 was significantly influenced by customer feedback and the desire among partners to deepen their adoption of NDI workflows. The introduction of HDR streaming through NDI promises high-end quality with the flexibility, efficiency, and interoperability that NDI is known for. This update is especially beneficial for tier 1 Broadcast, providing a solution that meets the professional-grade video streaming demands over IP.

Advantages of Native HDR and 10+ Bit Color Support
With native HDR and 10+ bit color support, NDI 6 offers:

  • Higher contrast and expanded brightness headroom for broadcasters and content creators.
  • Wide color gamut and minimal color banding for seamless transitions and gradients.
  • Broad compatibility, supporting PQ and HLG formats for HDR and non-HDR devices.
  • WAN Connectivity through NDI Bridge
    The NDI 6 update incorporates WAN connectivity into cameras via an NDI Bridge utility, facilitating secure, remote real-time collaboration across locations without the need for additional software or tools. This plug-and-play solution enhances the flexibility of remote productions and setups, allowing encrypted NDI streams to be sent over a WAN.

Industry Adoption and Beta Testing
Since Q4 of 2023, NDI 6 has undergone beta testing with leading product developers like Autodesk, Chyron, and Panasonic, among others. The update has been successfully integrated into both existing and upcoming products, demonstrating NDI’s commitment to becoming the standard for cloud-based live production.

Showcase at 2024 NAB Show
The 2024 NAB Show will feature NDI 6, where companies like Vizrt will demonstrate the update’s latest features, highlighting the core technology’s advancements.

NDI: Pioneering Video Connectivity
NDI continues to drive the industry forward, removing limitations on video connectivity. With millions of users worldwide and widespread adoption across media organizations, NDI’s growth reflects its commitment to fostering a large IP ecosystem and engaging with the community through events and initiatives.

NDI 6 is a clear demonstration of NDI’s innovation, offering unprecedented visual quality and connectivity options. For broadcasters, content creators, and product developers, NDI 6 is now available for testing and integration, promising to elevate the standards of video production and broadcasting.

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