Kilolink Server Pro Cloud Bonding Annual Service

Generate high-quality live streams from just about anywhere with a Kiloview P-series bonding encoder and the Kilolink PRO Cloud Bonding Annual Service from Streaming Valley.

  • 1-Year Bonding Plan for Kiloview P-series Encoder
  • Dedicated Kilolink PRO Cloud Bonding Server
  • Combines Cellular, Wi-Fi & Ethernet
  • Ready for instant deployment


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Kilolink Server Pro Cloud Bonding Annual Service

Generate high-quality live streams from just about anywhere with Kiloview P-series bonding encoders and the Kilolink Server PRO Cloud Bonding Annual Service from Streaming Valley.

The one-year bonding plan combines connections from a P-series wireless encoder allowing to automatically balance the data of all connections and adjust the bitrate accordingly to ensure reliable live streaming and efficiently convert video signals into various protocols including SRT, NDI|HX, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, RTP, HLS, and TS-UDP.

Utilizing KiloLink’s patented bonding algorithm technology,  it achieves stable & reliable multi-link bonding transmission capabilities. It flexibly combines various network links, including 5G/4G cellular, WiFi, and Ethernet modules, through encryption algorithms to realize Bandwidth Overlay, Automatic Load Balance, and Dynamic Bitrate Adjustment. This ensures stable data transmission even in complex and variable weak network environments. Additionally, users can customize the buffer time to ensure smooth live streaming without any stuttering issue to solve the problem of poor connectivity. It perfectly suits outdoor live streaming and transmission in such scenarios as live events, concerts, sports, field broadcast, emergency spots and more, anytime, anywhere.

Streaming Valley provides the hosted Kilolink Server Pro Cloud Bonding Service that can be implemented across the whole Kiloview range so all devices can be interconnected using the KiloLink Server Pro Cloud Bonding Relay Service. With the cloud service you can manage all your registered devices on the server end, such as monitoring device status, preview a stream, parameter settings, firmware updating, port forwarding and so on. Real time connection status and data statistics are also available.

Bandwidth Optimisation

The bonding bandwidth is overlapped so it can accelerate outdoor signal in areas with poor cellular coverage. When a link has bandwidth fluctuations, KiloLink will balance bandwidth load within 100ms to ensure a more stable connection.

High Security

KiloLink adopts TLS1.3 encrypted transmission technology and can choose AES-128/AES-256 encryption to ensure the security of transmitted data.

VPN Based

KiloLink natively supports VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology. A VPN tunnel can be established between any two Kiloview devices or a device and the KiloLink Server to achieve secure internal network access through the public internet. In addition, with the VPN you can connect a mobile phone or computer to the shared hotspot or wired network using Kiloview P series products (via USB extension), as an internet router that supports multi-link aggregation.

Firmware Management & Upgrade of Batch Upload

KiloLink Server Pro supports batch firmware uploads, automatically categorizing them into corresponding device lists. Users can select the specific devices based on their needs for batch firmware upgrades. Centralized firmware upgrades optimize user experience, significantly saving updates time.

Expert Advise

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  • 1-Year Bonding Plan for Kiloview P-series Encoder
  • Combines Cellular, Wi-Fi & Ethernet
  • User Management
  • Manage and Monitor Encoders
  • Preview a stream
  • Parameter settings
  • Firmware updating
  • Real time connection status
  • Streaming Valley Support and assistance (during office-hours)


  • Kilolink Server PRO Bonding Plan 12 months
  • Dedicated Cloud Bonding Server
  • Hosting in EU data centre
  • 20TB traffic per month
  • Streaming Valley Support




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