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Epiphan Pearl Mini


The Epiphan Pearl Mini is one of the most reliable, all-in-one video production system that’s small in size and big on pro features. Record, stream, and switch up to 2 HD inputs simultaneously and take your video production to the next level with Epiphan Pearl Mini™.

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Instant streaming vMix HDMI Capture Bundle


Instant live streaming bundle to stream to YouTube Live or Facebook Live with vMix and Magewell HDMI to USB 3.0 converter. A practical, small and simple solution to capture a HDMI video signal to your PC through USB 3.0. Just plug and start streaming.

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Inogeni Dual USB Capture Bundle


With the Inogeni Dual USB Capture Bundle you can easily start a live stream or recording with two video sources including audio. The Inogeni share gives you the possibility to connect two video sources through DVI or HDMI and your audio through 3.5mm jack. After setting up your sources just connect the Inogeni Share to your pc or laptop via USB 3.0 and start your live stream or recording with the vMix license included in this bundle.

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ACME GO 4/4 Portable Live Production Solution


The Acme GO 4/4 Portable Live Production Solution is a complete portable live production studio with built-in 17.3″ LCD. Mix HD video sources including mixed resolutions and framerates, along with embedded and separate analog audio. Stream output live to the Web in RTMP, WMA, Flash, and other widely supported formats. Recording high-quality program feeds is easy. The removable SSDs media storage drives let you record up to eight ISO (isolated) channels from the SDI inputs, giving a producer the ability to re-edit later on.

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Telestream Wirecast Gear 110


The Wirecast Gear 110 from Telestream is a preconfigured streaming solution that includes the Telestream Wirecast Pro 7 software. This enables you to capture, produce, and stream live content all in a single portable box that is good for use on a desktop or in a 19″ rack. The Gear 110 features four built-in HDMI input ports, multiple LAN/Wi-Fi ports, plus USB 3.0 and USB-C ports. In addition to the Wirecast Pro 7 software, it includes Telestream Switch 3 Plus and the standard version of NewBlue Titler Live. Display outputs can also feed high-resolution (up to UHD) presentation monitors for live in-venue screens.

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Epiphan Webcaster X2



  • Facebook Live and YouTube Live Encoder
  • HDMI Input
  • Stream over Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Easy to Set up for Streaming
  • Supports 1080p and 720p Resolutions
  • H.264 Streaming FormatHDMI Confidence Monitor Out
  • Connect Peripherals via USB


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Videon Shavano 4K HEVC Video Encoder


The Videon Shavano is a portable UHD 4K video encoder and live-stream device featuring HEVC compression, which uses about half the bandwidth of H.264, providing for a practical balance between image quality and file size and allowing for smoother live streams in 4K. H.264 compression is also available for more common applications.

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quick reference youtube live streaming




Any streaming software or hardware encoder that supports RTMP streams.

Live Chat

Anyone who is logged in to YouTube can participate in the online chat during the live stream. You can moderate the chat, delete comments, and ban users who make inappropriate comments. After the live event ends, people can continue to contribute to an ongoing conversation on the on-demand transcoded video. During play back the live chat experience is just like watching the actual live stream.


Not available


Set the privacy of your live streaming events as either public, unlisted, or private. When the live stream ends, the video gets the same privacy setting as your live stream, which can be changed later.


Videos can be downloaded in 1080p or 720p format and the channel administrator can control if a video can be downloaded.

Video ondemand

Any stream that falls within the maximum stream length restriction will be automatically converted to video on demand in different output formats and archived on your channel for an unlimited amount of time.

Stream now = max 12 hours
Events = max 8 hours
Mobile = max 8 hours
1440p or 2160p (4k) = max 4 hours

Live Streaming

Streaming to YouTube is done with an RTMP stream. There are no limits for the duration of the live stream, but only streams that meet the maximum stream length restrictions get transcoded as a video ondemand. If you choose to Stream now, the streaming settings of your streaming software or hardware encoder are used. If you schedule an event, you can choose a resolution, frame rate, and bitrate for your stream. YouTube supports a various bitrates and resolutions. Viewers will see the best quality video for their device and bandwidth.

Other Features

  • Unlimited storage
  • Live english automatic captions
  • Live chat replay
  • Location tags.
  • Schedule events
  • Post detailed descriptions
  • Preview your stream before going live
  • Embedding in blogs and websites


A disadvantage with YouTube live is that if you stream copyrighted music you’ll get blocked. When you are blocked you have to go through an process to get YouTube to reset your status. Your account must be in good standing to live stream. Even if you have permission to play certain music, the chances are that won’t stop YouTube from blocking your account and tear down your live event.

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